Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bill's super custom All-rounder

This is a very custom blade for Bill from Illinois. It's made up of Cypress-Cypress-Balsa-Cypress-Cypress, with a half wenge/purpleheart and half cork handle. It's 6.7mm thick and 79 grams. Bill was exceptionally helpful and descriptive with what he wanted and I hope this fits the bill (or at least comes close).

Stan's Frying Pan Combo

This blade is for Stan from North Carolina. It's a heck of a big blade with head dimensions of 170mm x 163mm. It's about 8.65 mm thick and weighs in at 60-62 grams. The composition is Limba-Carbon-Balsa-Poplar-Poplar. I sent it out today so I hope it makes safe passage.

Timofey's Oversized Combo

This is a blade for my training partner Tim. It's an oversized shape with a combo composition of walnut-cypress-balsa-poplar-limba. It's 8.7mm thick and weighs in at a comfortable 85 grams. Tim plays with a lot of loops, drives, and smashes on his forehand and a lot of chops, pushes, and spinny loops of his backhand, so the fast walnut/cypress side and the slow limba/poplar side compliment his game quite well.