Thursday, July 2, 2009

Custom 7 ply for Arnold

This is a 7-ply for Arnold, a player at my local club. This is Arnold's 4th blade from me, and I'm thinking number 5 might be on the house (EDIT: 07/17 - He requested #5, and it was free).

jatoba-palo maria-cypress-balsa-cypress-palo maria-jatoba
6.7mm thick, 85 grams, ST cork handle

This blade is pretty fast and stiff, but still light. Arnold has very interesting style based around heavy spin variations and offensive strokes with long pips. He's been doing some pretty tricky stuff with this blade and curl p-3.

Epic Journey

These 3 Blades are taking a little trip away from St. Augustine to go around the world and be tested as well as reviewed by members of the forum. You can read up on the action by checking out this link.

The Blades are

C-pen 1 - walnut-cypress-cypress-cypress-walnut
6.4mm (Conic Decorative 1 side, cork other side)

C-pen 2 - walnut-cypress-balsa-cypress-walnut
8.7mm (Conic Bubinga handle)

Shakehand 1 - walnut-cypress-balsa-cypress-walnut
8.7mm (ST Maple handle)