Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Faceboob... I mean Book

Hey guys, guess what?

I've got one of them snazzy new facebook pages for the Beat Sticks, so if you happened to be signed up with this wild portal of social behavior, I would love for you to become a friend, or a fan, or whatever kind of subjective label this networking site wants you to be.

Check it out here -

Experimental Composite Defensive Blade


I tried this out for a couple of 2-3 hour sessions and found it performed well, but had a little too much flex for my liking (I like my blade how I like my drinks: Stiff). I'm going to include it in the SALE post if some one wants to snag it on discount.

Hardbat Happiness: Part 1

This is my first offering targeted specifically at hardbat. It's simple, economic, and effective.
What we have here is 3 plies of basswood and a simple cypress and poplar veneer handle.
I'll have another one up later in the week but with poplar outter plies.
If anyone is interested in something like this, I'll be offering these for cheap ($20.00-$25.00).
Slap some Dr. Evil on this and you're set.