Monday, April 5, 2010

Bad News Bear

I hate to do this, but I suppose I needed to sooner or later. I will now be requiring a $30.00 deposit on all custom blades. I can't afford to be burned anymore. And remember Guys & Gals, PAYPAL ONLY.

Another Defensive Blade...

I don't know why I prototype so many defensive blades, it's not even my prefered style! I guess I'd like to offer more options to the over-looked minority in table tennis. Dr. Neubauer does what he can for you cats, but he can only go so far with that hair-helmet weighing him down. I first started playing in a club full very eccentric long pips players, so perhaps it's a tribute to them in a way. Oh boy, I'm digressing....

Anyhow, this offering was quite pleasing to me.

Western Red Cedar-Willow-Willow-Willow-Western Red Cedar

94 Grams


Still too much flex for my liking, but if you like that extra kick for looping it's here. Great chopping and lobbing. Blocks weren't the best, but that's very much relative to style and flex. This ply set-up took a bit off the ball, but not so much you can't surprise your opponent.