Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Uppuluri's Frying Pan Chop Stick *2.0*

Uppuluri requested this XXL Chop Stick from way over in India. This is the new Chop Stick ply composition, the original had way too much flex. This new composition has eliminated much of the previous flex, but it may change again.


170x163mm Head

ST Kiaat Handle

7.6mm Thick

92 Grams

Good hitting Uppuluri!

Sven's Combo Beat Stick

Sven is busy studying down in Barbados, but fortunately he had enough time to request this terrificly offensive combo blade.


Compact Head

ST Bloodwood and Basswood Handle

5.9mm Thick

98 Grams

Good hitting and good luck with your studies Sven!

Ademir's Klondike Bar

Ademir is a local player from São Paolo, he's got a really unorthodox grip which is why he requested this lightpost of a handle.


Oversized Head

XL Handle (Purpleheart and Wenge)

8.7mm Thick

95 Grams

Good hitting Ademir!