Thursday, July 2, 2009

Epic Journey

These 3 Blades are taking a little trip away from St. Augustine to go around the world and be tested as well as reviewed by members of the forum. You can read up on the action by checking out this link.

The Blades are

C-pen 1 - walnut-cypress-cypress-cypress-walnut
6.4mm (Conic Decorative 1 side, cork other side)

C-pen 2 - walnut-cypress-balsa-cypress-walnut
8.7mm (Conic Bubinga handle)

Shakehand 1 - walnut-cypress-balsa-cypress-walnut
8.7mm (ST Maple handle)


Anonymous said...

The c-pen 1 & 2 just arrived today (30/7/2009) to Malaysia.
Will test-drive both blades and give Ian the feedback.

729 FX

Anonymous said...

I tried the shakehands blade, It was a great experience. I am ordering a custom blade from Ian. Not identical to the shakehands, but one with a few tweaks I want based on his demo blade.