Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Felucca DEF

7-ply, hide glue construction. Limba-Ayous-Ayous-Ayous-Ayous-Ayous-Limba. 5.9mm. 85-90g. Oversized DEF Shape. This blade is a special project of mine. I find short pips chopping to be quite intriguing, so in homage to the likes of Hou YingChao etc., I designed a blade with this style in mind. It's essentially a slimmed down clipper. It's still stiff enough to behave well with short pips but it's slow enough to take a bit off incoming loops. Though don't be fooled, it still has enough offensive capability to win points by force. I have one dressed in long or short pips all the time to help train my partners against choppers and it's a kick of a blade. DEF+-ALL. $90.00 shipped in the 48.

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