Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blades of Fancy

Couldn't help myself, I had to brand it "The Bazooka"


Anonymous said...

Wow, cool! Love the red colored surface, is it the natural color of the wood or did you stain it?

By the way, what are the dimensions and thickness of the blade and what sort of wood did you use? The handle looks like Balsa?


Osito said...

Hey JL,

This is stained koto. It's something like 13 or 14mm thick and the head is standard j-pen dimensions.
Composition is koto-walnut-balsa-koto-balsa-koto-balsa-walnut-koto. The handle is indeed balsa.

109eh (Brazil) said...

what is the weight?

jump said...

Nice costumed blades.

I also have some experience of DIY blades and also tried lots of blades, commercial or DIY.

I have two comments here.
the balse handle would move the gravity center forward to the top. If you test it,you would find out that the light blade gives a heavy feeling.
Regarding balsa core, good feeling with small or media strength for sure, If thinner than 4mm, the power would be limited.