Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Temporary Sale!

Over the next week or so I will be posting blades that are for sale. They're coming from a batch of test blades that I made a little over a year ago. Nearly all of these have been constructed with the hide glue method and will be priced accordingly. Some have been played with and may have slight glue residue. Some have slight damage (which will be noted in their description and reflected in their pricing). I'm not sure whether or not this will be the last time I sell any blades but I sure hope not. I've given some thought to starting model production and hopefully some insight from these sales will inform that decision. *Note: For the most part there's only one of each of these and they either haven't been played for some time or have never been played, so like any blade (especially hide-glue blades), they'll need a little break in before they reach their full potential. Thanks, Ian. VIEW BLADES HERE - Note: May I please add that all profit from these sales, (if they reach a minimum quota) will go towards purchasing new materials for both custom and model blades. So if you want to see or purchase a WBS custom blade in the future, please help me out and purchase one of these beat sticks.

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